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Our pricing is based per day. You pay for the day you drop off; no matter what time it is (all pets should be dropped off no later than ½ hour before closing). For example: you drop off on a Friday and pick up on a Sunday evening. This is considered three days boarding. If you drop off on a Friday and pick up on a Monday morning before 10:00am this is still considered 3 days. We start charging for another day after 10:00am. The only exception to this is, if you are having your pet groomed or bathed Monday-Saturday, you may pick-up your pet by 2:00pm and there will be no charge for the day.




Dog Boarding (includes 4, 15 minute exercise sessions)

 All pets will be given ample opportunity to get out of their suites and enjoy some time outdoors throughout the day. Included exercise times are approximately 15 minutes each session. The exercise sessions are held in fenced grassy areas or our indoor play area during inclement weather . Exercise time can be with other dogs (if your pet is compatible with others) or an individual time. We feel this is an important time for the dogs to get the daily exercise they need. It also gives us an opportunity to gain a relationship with each pet. We like to leave this time up to the pets. Some dogs just like being out and sniffing around while others want to run, play fetch, and play with friends. Each pet's needs will be assessed and given the proper exercise he or she needs.

  • $28.50 per day for one dog 
  • $50.50 per day for 2 dogs in one suite
  • $54.50 per day 2 dogs in one XL double suite 
  • $76.50 per day 3 dogs in one  XL double suite


Nature Walks: $5.00 per 15 minute walk 1 walk per day offered

Nature walk is a 15  minute walk through the beautiful nature this 38 acre property has to offer. All dogs will be walked on a retractable leash.


Cat Boarding

  • $15.00 per day

Our Hours

  • M-F:8a-6p
  • Saturday:8a-4p
  • Sunday:4p-6p

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